Book Giveaway

Book Giveaway

We’re running a special promotion at jsComplete today. We’re giving away 100 e-books for FREE (for the first 100 people who will claim this offer).

There is no catch. We’re doing this to raise awareness of the quality of the content we publish at jsComplete. We’re certain that after reading your free book you will come back for more.

To claim this offer, pick one book from the following list and leave us your name and email in the form below (please pick only 1 book and submit the form one time only):

  1. The Complete Introduction to Programming: Learn the basic core concepts of programming like syntax, types, objects, scopes, conditionals, loops, functions, closures, and more

  2. The Complete Introduction to Modern JavaScript: Learn all the new features that were introduced to the JavaScript language since 2015 (ES6 and up)

  3. The Complete Introduction to Node.js: Get started with the Node.js runtime itself the right way. Learn the basics you need before you npm install anything!

  4. The Complete Introduction to GraphQL: Learn the fundamentals of the GraphQL language and runtime. Answer the WHY, WHAT, and HOW questions about GraphQL

  5. The Professional Programmer: Tips and advice on your journey from a beginner programmer into a professional one