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Getting Started with React.js in 2019

Learn the basics of React.js, and use it to build an in-browser, math-skills game for children.

Learn Coding with Modern JavaScript

This is a book for the absolute beginner code learner. It does NOT assume that you know anything

The Complete Introduction to Node.js

Getting started with the Node.js runtime, the right way!

The Complete Introduction to GraphQL

Learn all the GraphQL fundamentals

Interactive React: Introduction

Learning React.js components, elements, props, state, and events

React.js Beyond The Basics

Learn fundamental and advanced concepts of React.js by building simple browser games

Working with Data in React

Working with data arrays and objects and managing records on the state

The Professional Programmer

My tips and advice on your journey from a beginner programmer into a professional one

Node.js: Getting Started

Learn the fundamentals of the very popular Node.js runtime and get comfortable writing code for Node.

Creating Your Own JavaScript Development Environment

Step-by-step guide to create a standalone full-stack JavaScript development environment for Nodejs and server-side rendered Reactjs

Why React Developers LOVE Node

Node is not required to run a React project, but it is part of every project.

Advanced Node.js

Learn the core Node.js concepts and API modules from simple utility modules all the way to streams and clusters.

Advanced React.js

Take a deep dive into full-stack JavaScript with React.js and learn advanced concepts like the context API, HOCs, external state, performance optimization, asynchronous APIs, testing, deployment, and more.

GraphQL Course

GraphQL is a query language and runtime that can provide a common interface between client and server applications for fetching and manipulating data. This course will show you how to build and consume GraphQL APIs with real-world examples

Node.js Beyond the Basics

Advanced topics about the Node.js runtime

Full-Stack JavaScript Development: MongoDB, Node, and React

How to use Node as a web and an API server, consume data and build user interfaces with React, read and write data with a MongoDB database.

React Native Essential Training

Learn how to use React Native to build production-ready, native mobile apps on both iOS and Android

JavaScript Closures

What’s a JavaScript closure? In plain English, please.

The Full-stack JavaScript Test

100 Questions and answers about Full-stack JavaScript

Beginner Workshop: Node.js

Recorded June 2018

Advanced Workshop: React

Recorded June 2018

JavaScript Higher Order Functions and Callback Arguments

Learn about JavaScript higher order functions and callback arguments and how to use them to build a simple functional calculator

The JavaScript Call Stack for Functions and Execution Contexts

Learn about the JavaScript Call Stack and how it's used to track functions and their scopes

What Are Closures in JavaScript

Learn about JavaScript function closures and how they're different than function scopes

Javascript Function Arguments and Rest Parameters

Learn about JavaScript function implicit and explicit parameters and the use of rest parameters

JavaScript Function Scopes

Learn about JavaScript functions scopes vs block scopes and how they relate to the variables declarations with var/let/const

Why React

React is taking over front-end development. The question is why.

Workshop: Learn React and Redux from A to Z

All the basics and advanced topics of React and Redux in this 11-hour single video course