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The Professional Programmer

My tips and advice on your journey from a beginner programmer into a professional one

React.js Beyond The Basics

Learn fundamental and advanced concepts of React like state and side effect hooks, the context API, external state, performance optimization, asynchronous APIs, testing, deployment, and more.

Node.js Beyond the Basics

Learn fundamental and advanced concepts of Node like modules, event driven architecture, streams, child processes, scaling, testing, deployment, and more.

The Complete Introduction to Programming

Learn the basic core concepts of programming like syntax, types, objects, scopes, conditionals, loops, functions, closures, and more

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Getting Started with React Native

Learn how to use React Native to build production-ready, native mobile apps on both iOS and Android

Full-Stack JavaScript with MongoDB, Node, and React

How to use Node as a web and an API server, consume data and build user interfaces with React, read and write data with a MongoDB database.

React Firsts

Your First React Component. First Hook. First One-way Data Flow. Components Reusability. Tree Reconciliation in Action.

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The JavaScript Call Stack for Functions and Execution Contexts

Learn about the JavaScript Call Stack and how it's used to track functions and their scopes

JavaScript Function Scopes

Learn about JavaScript functions scopes vs block scopes and how they relate to the variables declarations with var/let/const

Javascript Function Arguments and Rest Parameters

Learn about JavaScript function implicit and explicit parameters and the use of rest parameters

What Are Closures in JavaScript

Learn about JavaScript function closures and how they're different than function scopes

JavaScript Higher Order Functions and Callback Arguments

Learn about JavaScript higher order functions and callback arguments and how to use them to build a simple functional calculator

Working with Data in React

Working with data arrays and objects and managing records on the state

featured short reads
React Hooks Deep Dive

Build, analyze, and optimize a React app using both classes and functions with hooks. Covering React.memo and the useState, useEffect, and useCallback hooks.

The Complete Introduction to GraphQL

Learn the fundamentals of the GraphQL language and runtime. Answer the WHY, WHAT, and HOW questions about GraphQL

The Complete Introduction to Node.js

Get started with the Node.js runtime itself the right way. Learn the basics you need before you npm install anything!

The Complete Introduction to Modern JavaScript

Learn all the new features that were introduced to the JavaScript language since 2015 (ES6 and up)

All the JavaScript you need to know before starting with React

Learn about scopes, closures, arrow functions, literal notations, expressions, destructuring, rest/spread syntax, promises, modules, and more.

The Complete Introduction to React

Learn about React components with functions and classes. Using JSX. Benefits of components. React Hooks. User events. Taking input form users.

The always-recent guide to creating a development environment for Node and React (with Babel and Webpack)

Step-by-step guide to create a standalone full-stack JavaScript development environment for Nodejs and server-side rendered Reactjs

Beginner Programmers' Mistakes

The mistakes beginner programmers usually make. Learn to identify these situations and avoid them.

React Commonly Faced Problems

15 common problems that beginner React.js learners might make

Programming 101

What is a Computer Program? What are variables, expressions, objects, and functions?

Node's Streams

An introduction to Node's best and most misunderstood idea

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React.js Training

Online Training

Getting Started with Node

Online Training

React and Redux Training

Online Training

Learn React and Redux from A to Z

Online Training

Advanced Workshop: React

Online Training