:: The A to Z of developers "needs"

When software developers are performing their day-to-day tasks, they often need to look up one particular thing. For example, "how to compute the sum of an array of numbers in JavaScript".

When I need to lookup something like that, I am usually in the "flow" and I do not have the time to scan through pages of documentations just to find that simple code example that I need to continue.

This is one of the reasons why I am working on a new website that will have (for example) an entry on "summing a JavaScript array of numbers" featuring multiple approaches on just that particular task. I am hosting this project at when it will be ready.

AZdev is basically a searchable library of practical micro-documentations, errors and solutions, and general tips for software developers. It is NOT a question-answer site. It is just a collection of what developers usually need to look up and a quick way for them to find concise approaches to handle exactly what they need at the moment. You can think of it as "Siri for coders".

Here are some examples of entries one would find on AZdev:

  • Get rid of only the unstaged changes since the last Git commit

  • Create a secure one-way hash for a text value (like a password) in Node

  • A Linux command to lowercase names of all files in a directory

You can certainly find approaches to these development needs by reading documentations and stack-overflow questions, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a site that features specific needs like these with their exact approaches without all the noise?

If you’re interested in getting updates on this project and be the first to test things out, leave your name/email below and I’ll let you know.