A unique learning opportunity…​

I’ve been creating and tuning the jsComplete platform for the past couple of YEARS using React.js and Node.js and a bit of GraphQL.

I wasn’t working full time on this but it sure feels so. Creating a featured front-end application that’s scalable and usable across all browsers, devices, and environments is a very challenging task. It basically "takes a village" but I have done it mostly solo and learned a ton in the process. I’ve made both good and bad decisions, had to deal with many consequences, and in a few cases needed to do major rewrites.

At jsComplete, we’re always experimenting with new ways to practically teach full-stack JavaScript. Some people can learn through reading and watching but others need more. One new idea we’d like to try is to do a series of online training sessions to go through the jsComplete codebase itself and explain why things are done the way they are. This would be a unique learning opportunity where participants get to see, criticize, and understand both good and bad parts of a codebase for a real application.

In these sessions, I will go over each significant line in the codebase and explain it in its context. I will also go over the database design and how the API is working with it. Participants will learn a lot about securing and optimizing an API and about running the codebase in production and what that entails. I will also go over the "history" of the codebase and what was done to remedy bad decisions. These training sessions will all be interactive where participants can ask questions and I have a feeling they will have lots of them. Participants would also get a copy of the entire jsComplete codebase (which they can use for non-commercial purposes).

I’d probably need to limit this to 10-12 participants and it’ll be around 15 hours split over 5 online sessions (in January 2020).

Would you be interested in something like this?

If so, leave me your email address below and I’ll be in touch.

What is jsComplete?

jsComplete is an interactive and adaptive learning platform that has 5 major features:

Everything is written in React.js (and server-side rendered). We use NGINX for assets and Node.js for the backend and APIs. We also use GraphQL on the backend (with a PostgreSQL database) and many SaaS APIs like Stripe, AWS, and others.