Fullstack Javascript Test

The Fundamentals

Question #1

What is the Stack data structure?

A) A Stack is another name for the Tree structure

B) A Stack is another name for the Hash Table structure

C) A First-In/First-Out data structure

D) A Last-In/First-Out data structure

Question #2

Which statement is true about "Encapsulation" for computer programs?

A) New classes should share some of the attributes of existing classes

B) The owner of a feature should only reveal what is absolutely necessary for the others to use that feature

C) Using simple things to represent complexity and avoid repetition

D) Using the same method names to represent different things

Question #3

What is an "Expression" in a computer program?

A) Any single line of code

B) Anything that produces a value

C) Any statement is an expression

D) Anything that can be used in the left-hand side of an assignment operator

Question #4

Which concept is defined as: "A template that can be used to generate different objects that share some shape and/or behavior"

A) Proxy

B) Map

C) Class

D) Generator Function

Question #5

Why is it usually better to work with Objects instead of Arrays to store a list of records?

A) Adding a record to an object is significantly faster than pushing a record into an array

B) Objects are more efficient in terms of storage

C) Most operations involve looking up a record, and objects can do that better than arrays

D) Working with objects make the code more readable

Question #6

Which statement is true about "Functional Programming"

A) Code is grouped with the state it modifies

B) Side effects are not allowed

C) Data fields and methods are kept in units

D) Every object in the program has to be a function

Question #7

What does REPL stand for?

A) Read, Extend, Print, Loop

B) Run, Examine, Put, Loop

C) Read, Eval, Print, Loop

D) Run, Edit, Print, Loop

Question #8

What’s the term often used to describe: "Writing individual test cases for validating the behavior of functions, methods, and objects"?

A) Functional Testing

B) Unit Testing

C) Black-box Testing

D) Usability Testing

Question #9

Which of the following is a benefit of interpreted code (over compiled code)?

A) It makes the source code private

B) It’s cross-platform

C) The code is ready to run as is on any machine

D) It’s always faster

Question #10

Which statement is true about "High-level Programming Languages"

A) Their code is more readable

B) Their code is more difficult to write than low-level languages

C) Their code is private because it’s compiled

D) All of the above

Question #11

Which programming paradigm is about organizing code in units of data/state properties and methods for interactions?

A) Functional Programming

B) Procedural Programming

C) Event-driven Programming

D) Object-oriented Programming

Question #12

If you have code written in "this language", you can execute it on any laptop or desktop computer without the need to install any tools. Which language is that?

A) C++

B) JavaScript

C) Assembly

D) Java