Complete Intro Nodejs



Last year, I wrote a strongly opinionated article about how the first thing you should do before you bury yourself in Node.js packages is to learn the Node.js runtime itself. The article resonated with many and I believe that’s because we have a real problem.

I asked many questions in that article to tease your lack of knowledge about the Node platform. If you’ve been using Node and you can’t answer those questions, you’ve been a victim of this very real problem. We don’t start people right with Node.js, we throw a thousand packages in their face and make them think that’s the reality of using Node.js. It isn’t.

Because actions speak louder than words, I have dedicated most of the past two years to putting together a few resources for learning Node.js, the right way. Last year, I published the Advanced Node.js course at Pluralsight. That course quickly became one of my most popular courses and I am thankful it helped many people re-learn Node.


However, I realized that a basic course about Node is also needed. Node and JavaScript are moving so fast today. In 2018, the “basic” picture has changed significantly. To point out one specific example, to use Node today, you should understand promises (and async/await), which was not the case just a few years ago. So, this year, I worked on a beginner course about Node.js that does not assume any previous knowledge about the runtime. This course teaches the relevant tools, core concepts, and built-in capabilities of the platform in addition to the modern JavaScript features that you can use today with Node.js. I published it on Pluralsight as well: