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Pair Programming

Pair Programming

You can drive your car on your own when you go to familiar places, but when it is time to go somewhere far for the first time you use a GPS. If you have someone else in the car with you, a better option would be to have them navigate by giving you the instructions on where to turn next. If you do not follow the instructions and end up taking a bad turn, they will let you know immediately and advise you on how to correct it.

Having a navigator next to you when you drive is like having a pair-programmer. You are not driving alone. You are a team with the same goal: to arrive at your destination safely, without any problems, and with the least amount of time and effort.

You can probably do it yourself without a human navigator or a fancy GPS by using the old-school way of checking a map before you leave. If needed, you can check the map again. If you check the map while driving, you might accidentally hit a curb or put a dent in the car. If you stop to check the map, you will be losing time. Without that pair navigator, you are not as safe and/or the journey will take a lot longer.

The experience of your pair navigator might also teach you new things. They might know of a new shortcut that you do not and one that is not on the map. You learn from their relevant experience and this is beyond valuable.

If you need to go to two destinations and you have two cars, you might be tempted to think that it would be faster to drive solo and do the destinations in parallel. This might be faster in the short term, but all things considered, time might not be the most important factor here. When it comes to computer programs, using one car and making sure it is dent-free at the end of both journeys might be a far more important factor. This why we love pair programming.